What is the Feldenkrais Method?

The Feldenkrais Method is for anyone who wants to make the things they do easier, more efficient and pleasurable. Feldenkrais Method is a mind-body approach, which combines movement and awareness to help you move and live more comfortably and effectively.

Whether it is basic actions like sitting or walking, the daily demands of work and home, or your recreational activities – from painting and gardening to running or dance – Feldenkrais offers enjoyable and effective ways to improve how you move.

Rather than making corrections that are hard to remember, or adjusting to some externally imposed form, the Feldenkrais process allows you do discover what works best for you – your body, your movement potential, your life. It restores choice to how you feel and move your body.

Injury, illness, pain, stress and the effects of ageing can diminish your capacity and the enjoyment of your movement - and your life. Feldenkrais classes and individual sessions allow you to rediscover lost abilities and pleasure in your movement. Our clients and students regularly report they feel relaxed, energized and a positive, new experience of their body.

Rich Goldsand

"Occasionally, in life, opportunities arise which have a positive, significant, and life-changing impact. I'm fortunate that Richard Goldsand, a gifted Feldenkrais Method practitioner, has introduced me to an amazing new self-awareness of pain-free movement. Richard has an extensive knowledge base, and is gentle but thorough with his clients. At the end of a session, I can feel the difference in the way my brain and body have reconnected. I feel well-balanced, taller, straighter, and incredibly free of the pain that has been, heretofore, unmanageable."


"Richard has provided me with an acute awareness of my body, posture, and movement. I am  now devoted to the Feldenkrais Method and am grateful for Richard Goldsand's patience,  professional guidance, and incredible gift as a practitioner."


"I am pleased and eager to offer my highest recommendations for anyone who could benefit from Richard's teaching and 'hands-on' practice of the Feldenkrais Method."

Bill Sinclair

Scottsdale, Arizona

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